Autobiography of a Film

My excruciating film process, from beginning to wherever

final day of editing “North Blvd”

We are on the very last scene today of our rough cut. Its incredible to see it all come together…even though there is a fair amount to do- color correcting and sound mixing- it is truly a dream come true. whew!


a few days left!

In this particular Vlog, I had just driven back from Santa Clarita/ Palmdale area and almost crashed from exhaustion. As I post this, there are only 2 days left (1 with a full crew and the next with just a skeleton crew for the grand driving shots). Enjoy and will post again today probably as it is a day off! North Blvd is almost in the CAN!

“North Blvd” the feature film on a short break

The filming is going beautifully! We’re taking a quick break to nail down locations that simply were not finalized in pre-production and to tie up remaining loose ends. Footage looks beautiful and only 6 more days left!

7th day of shooting “North Blvd”

Seven days of shooting is behind us…12 more to go. What a ride!

after day 5 of shooting “North Blvd”

This is incredibly intense! But in the face of location drama and money flying out the window, we continue to laugh. We’re making something special.

the first day of shooting “North Blvd”- the night before