2 weeks away

by amyesacove

Hi All. I had such lovely fantasies of writing every day all the thoughts and happenings of preproduction for “North Blvd” but I have to say: I’m BUSY! Wearing the hat of producer, director and actor is a lot. I know that if this story wasn’t so close to my heart and that if I had not been envisioning and praying for so long on one story such as this, I wouldn’t be so comfortable being all that I am on this project. 

As much as I imagined being fully prepared and having everything already sorted out and planned out, I’m learning that it just doesn’t happen that way. Until we have every location down, until we have every actor cast, we just don’t have all the answers for wardrobe, set design and everything else. We are two weeks away from shooting…and the momentum is building. I’ve been told I’m entering the “sweet spot”- where all of the chips start falling into place- for better or for worse- and the project is truly starting to take shape. Its intense. 

I will be in casting sessions most of this week. Speaking of casting, we’re making offers to a few name actors tomorrow. I would be so honored if one or all three of the actors we’re going for agreed. It would be so amazing to see what takes shape. That, to me, is the most exhilarating part- to see your story and your words not only come out of the actors mouth, but to see their version (from head to toe) of this character. I am, I’ve decided, a hands off director. I don’t want to talk endlessly about the character, I don’t want to hold rehearsals. I might have been too heavy handed for the short film. A really good lesson learned. All I want is to get out of the actors’ way and see what happens. Its how I was trained as an actor and its how most actors are used to working- alone. They do their homework and show up to play. And oh how fun it will be. And in case you’re wondering, I can’t share, just yet, who the actors we’ve made offers to are. 

I must get to work now. I have to spend some time. Looking at the script. Dreaming. Making sure I know the words. I can’t wait to see the collaboration come together. To see how much more beautiful this film can be. I wake up in gratitude every day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Its finally here.