The Line

by amyesacove

This film- the story that I have been telling for a very long time- is entitled, “North Blvd“. How long is a very long time? Thirteen years. That’s how long. I think every story teller has that one…or maybe two stories…which take a long time to tell. The really juicy ones have their gestation period. I didn’t think my first story, the one so personal and close to my heart would be the one. Nor did I fathom it taking THIS long to get here. Sometimes I ask myself where “here” is.

I’ll tell you where here is:

HERE is no longer accepting anything else. I refuse to work in any other capacity except toward my dream. It feels like I have entered what I have been calling “The Tunnel”. The tunnel has no windows. The tunnel is strong like steel. The tunnel is a wild ride leading RIGHT into the place you have long wanted to be. I will no longer do menial jobs for someone else. I will no longer put energy into something that doesn’t interest me because I am afraid of not having enough money to pay the bills. I am no longer a waitress, or a production assistant. I am no longer a Yoga Instructor- yes folks, that’s how off track I became. My dream is NO LONGER “over there”. I am making a film. I wrote it. I’m directing it. I am in it. And its a beautiful fucking story.

Thirteen years is a long time to marinate in something. I am soaked. Its gross. And frustrating. I just have to put all that disgust aside and accept that I am indeed here and rejoice. 

I have drawn the line. All thoughts, words and deeds are infused with planning, producing and raising money for the film. I can’t wait for you to see it.